A quick recap

I’ve just recently finished (Well I started writing this a couple of weeks ago) a hectic 3 weeks of orienteering training. Starting off with a 2 day race weekend in Northern Denmark and from there on to Hungary, where I managed to get in 4 trainings and a race in the JWOC 2018 terrain, before […]

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15 000 orienteerers in one place and also the largest camp ground in Sweden. Nothing quite does the size of this event justice as a picture of the Oringen campsite extending into the distance down the runway (It took me 15 minutes to walk to the end). Also note this isn’t actually taken from the […]

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Sorry for this delay it was done before jwoc began but I never got around to posting it. I’m now with the Canadians and we are staying at Murikka (short form of some long Finnish word). Until yesterday we were enjoying our prestine accommodations but now we have been kicked out into these containers. Our […]

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